Oregon ice storm: This is where forecasters say the storm will hit, and where it won’t

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Now many of us are predicting that wind, snow, and ice storms are about to hit the Portland area. The National Weather Service expects temperatures to be in the mid-10s, zero wind chill, and freezing rain to make roads and sidewalks very smooth.

But do you think Portland area residents are going crazy? At least they don’t live in the Columbia River Gorge, where forecasters expect all aspects of the storm to get measurably worse.

“The Columbia Gorge is a monster in its own right,” said a report issued Thursday afternoon by the National Weather Service’s Portland office. “Expect long lasting snow … followed by freezing rain … It is worth mentioning that blizzard conditions are likely.”

map: How much snow is expected at your address? Find out using the interactive map

Here’s how forecasters think Thursday and Friday’s winter storms will affect areas across the state.

Portland area: Frigid temperatures in the mid-teens are expected to arrive Wednesday night and continue through Thursday morning, with gusts of 40 to 55 mph. Daytime temperatures on Thursday may only climb into the low 20s. Thursday night’s snow is expected to turn to sleet or freezing rain Friday, with up to an inch of snow and half an inch of freezing rain expected.

latest: Cold temperatures and high winds will blow through Portland on Thursday.Snow, sleet from afternoon

Columbia River Gorge: From Wednesday night through Thursday morning, winds of 60 to 80 mph can blow in the western part of the canyon, and can reach 100 mph at Crown Point.

“Wow!” said the National Weather Service report.

The worst cold is likely in Hood River, with forecasters predicting a high of 8 degrees Celsius on Thursday. About nine inches of snow are expected on Thursday and Friday, followed by perhaps three-quarters of an inch of freezing rain. is expected to fall.

Rains in parts of the canyon, including the west side of Multnomah Falls, can accumulate more than an inch of ice.

Willamette Valley: The area from south Portland to Eugene is covered in freezing rains that can make conditions dangerous. However, forecasts generally improve slightly further south. For example, temperatures in Eugene are expected to drop to a low of 23 degrees on Thursday morning and a high of 35 degrees. That’s more than 10 degrees warmer than the Portland area.

Northern Oregon Coast: Escape to the north coast for a few days? Don’t expect to leave the bitter cold. Thursday morning temperatures are expected to reach 17 degrees in Astoria and 19 degrees in Tillamook. Highs are not expected to break above freezing on Thursday. But while freezing rains could keep the area ice-covered, major thaw should begin when temperatures hit the 40s on Friday.

Central and Southern Oregon Coast: The further south you go, the better the weather should generally be. Freezing rain is possible on Thursday, but temperatures are expected to rarely drop below freezing in Newport. However, Florence is not expected to experience freezing temperatures and freezing rain in the next few days.

Southern Oregon: Residents along Interstate 5 may wonder what all the fuss is all about. Roseburg south through Medford and Ashland is expected to be well above freezing even at night. The wind is expected to be calm. Daytime highs can reach him in the 40s or 50s. This is downright mild compared to many other parts of the state.

Central Oregon: Bend is not immune to dangerous weather. The lowest temperature in the region’s most populous city could drop as low as 6 degrees he from Wednesday night through Thursday morning. The area could get a few inches of snow on Thursday, and a light frosty shower on Friday.

Eastern Oregon: It definitely feels like winter here. Lows are forecast for Wednesday night through Thursday morning at 4 degrees in Umatilla and 3 degrees in Burns. A few inches of snow can cover parts of the area. Freezing rain is expected in Umatilla, Burns and Pendleton on Saturday. Freezing rain is forecast in Umatilla on Sunday and Monday.

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