Sen. Cruz Issues Statement On Omnibus Vote

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washington dc – US Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) issued the following statement today regarding the Omnibus Vote:

“Today we saw an unexplained politician spending a whopping 4,155 pages, $1.7 trillion. A wasteful and irresponsible expense.

“The Republican leadership in the Senate making a deal with the recently ousted House Democrats to give up leverage that the incoming House Republican majority could have used to force changes in the Biden administration. is the height of recklessness.A course on the policies that are harming America.Without this leverage, the Biden administration can continue its reckless spending that has led to uncontrolled inflation.They are pushing gas prices. and will continue to push the anti-energy policies that have caused rising home heating prices.They will continue their reckless immigration policies, open borders, and let deadly drugs and illegal immigration flow in. Their Crime-friendly policies will continue to put our communities at risk. You are stuck paying bills because

“Inflation is out of control, borders are wide open and crime is soaring due to the disastrous policies of Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats. On behalf of my family in Texas and America, I voted no.”


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