Adnan Syed hired by Georgetown to work on its Prisons and Justice Initiative

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Adnan Syed, who was recently acquitted after spending more than 20 years in prison, is now working as a program associate for Georgetown University’s Prisons and Justice Initiative, the school said.

The initiative “addresses the root causes and consequences of mass detention and provides educational programs and training for detained individuals and returning citizens,” the school said.At work, Saeed helps program the initiative. However, the school added that he began working in the role on December 12.

According to the school, Syed was part of Georgetown’s first bachelor’s degree program at the Maryland State Penitentiary that started last year. He hopes to continue the program and then attend law school.

“Going from prison to being a Georgetown student and actually going down the path of working for Georgetown in prison and justice initiatives on campus is a complete circle moment,” he said. It changed my life.It changed my family’s life.I hope I can have the same impact on others.”

The PJI program director said Syed has a lot to offer the program’s team and students.

“Adnan’s commitment to the program and his education was evident from the moment he stepped into the classroom,” said Marc Howard. “We are thrilled to have him exonerated and to welcome him to prison and justice initiatives. He is one of the most resilient and inspiring people I have ever met. He is one and has much to offer our team and other students in the PJI program.”

Syed spent 23 years in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999, a murder that was featured on the groundbreaking podcast “Serial.”

Lee Hye Min can be seen in this undated file photo.

In September, prosecutors in Baltimore dropped all charges against Sayid after advanced DNA tests on Lee’s shoes and clothing denied him.

However, Hae Min Lee’s brother demanded a redo of the hearings that quashed Syed’s conviction. The brothers allege that the court did not give him proper notice of the hearing, withheld evidence from his family, and did not give him a proper opportunity to be heard at the hearing.

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