Can You Buy Other People Airline Tickets?

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The gift of flight may seem like the perfect idea, but is it justified?

It’s gift season! If you’re not a fan of the annual gift shopping scramble, perhaps this is an idea you might want to consider: Travel gifts. Airline tickets for vacations or to visit loved ones make meaningful and memorable gifts. . But is it actually permissible to buy someone a ticket as a gift?

what is necessary

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Technically, airlines allow someone else to purchase a ticket on their behalf, as long as they have all the required information:

  • Identification details – We need to know passenger details such as driver’s license or state-issued ID (domestic travel) or passport number (international travel).
  • visa – When booking an international flight, it is also necessary to check whether the passenger has a valid travel visa to enter the destination country. You don’t want your passengers stuck at immigration counters upon arrival.

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Always check that the above documents are valid and not nearing expiration before making a booking. Most countries only accept passports that are at least 6 months old.

Another very important thing to remember is that the ticket must be in the passenger’s name, not your name. may not be able to board.


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  • payment: In addition to allowing airlines to buy tickets for other people, many airlines now allow flexible payment methods. To save big bucks, check to see if your chosen airline offers discounts on certain credit cards or if you can use frequent flyer points. For example, Delta allows you to redeem your miles for tickets (make sure your flight is marked “Pay with Miles Eligible”).
  • Flexibility: While you may have confirmed your travel dates with the person you’re buying your tickets from (we strongly discourage booking flights as a surprise gift), you should have some idea of ​​what to expect in case your plans change. You may want to be flexible. Some airlines offer options that allow you to pay closer to your departure date, such as Qantas’ ‘book now, pay later’ scheme.
  • Amenities: Beware of airfares that do not include meals and check-in baggage allowances, which is typical of low-cost airlines. I need to add these. In-flight amenities such as Wi-Fi and special meals are other add-ons you may want to purchase.
  • return ticket: If you plan to purchase a one-way trip only, ask the passenger if they plan or are willing to purchase a return ticket. With airfares skyrocketing, not everyone feels comfortable paying extra cash.

tidy it up

Now that you’ve decided to buy a ticket, here’s how to make it the perfect gift. Purchasing lounge access, securing the best seats, or opting for priority boarding can make your trip more enjoyable, especially for the nervous traveler.

After reading this, if you feel that buying a ticket for someone else is too much of a hassle, consider a Flight Pass (Singapore Airlines Flight Pass, Malaysia Airlines MHflypass, TAP Portugal Unlimited Europe Flight Pass, etc.) Please consider. This is basically a credit her voucher that a loved one can use to buy a ticket of their choice.

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