Genshin Impact Trick Lets Players Travel Across Water Fast

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Players of Genshin Impact have found a simple trick that allows gamers to move across water much faster than they normally would.

a genshin impact Gamers have discovered a simple trick that allows them to move across water faster and easier than before. genshin impact has taken the world by storm since its release almost two years ago, amassing millions of fans around the world.gamers love genshin impact It is recognized for its fun gameplay, thrilling combat, and dozens of playable characters with unique abilities and skills.

another big reason genshin impactSuccess is a vast open world set in the fantastical region of Teviat with multiple continents. Each continent has its own culture and language, tied to certain elements and ruled by its own deity.For example, in Mondstadt genshin impact Worship Anemo Archon Barbatos while the people of Liyue worship Lapis. But going from one country to another, genshin impact A huge body of water separates them, so it can be troublesome. Fortunately, 1 genshin impact Players have discovered an easy way to expand large bodies of water much faster.

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Reddit user Devilmay1233 uploaded the video. genshin impact The subreddit shows you incredible tricks to move faster in the water. The method revolves around 4. genshin impact Characters and the player’s ability to easily switch between them. These are Scaramouche, Kamisatohis Ayaka, Tiki, and Kaeja Alberich, who are very useful for crossing water due to their cryo abilities. The first part of the trick is to use Scaramouche’s skill move to glide a short distance and Ayaka walk away from it. genshin impact Move fast in water.User must remember Ayaka’s stamina genshin impact Because when she’s in the water, the slightest mistake can cause the method to fail.

Once you’ve run out of stamina, your next step is to switch to Qiqi and use her skill moves to freeze the water around you, creating a solid platform to stand on. finally, genshin impact Gamers should switch to Kaeya as soon as Qiqi’s cooldown is about to end and perform his special ability to expand the frozen portion.Players can now return to Scaramouche genshin impact He is now able to perform gliding moves thanks to the solid surface created by other characters’ Cryo abilities.

At the beginning of the video, we see the original poster on the shore. genshin impact, the nearest landmass appears to be miles away.Thanks to this clever travel trick involving Cryo characters genshin impact, Devilmay1233 crosses a huge body of water in just over two minutes. However, please note the following: genshin impact Players need to track parameters such as Ayaka’s stamina and Qiqi’s cooldown in order to effectively perform this method and move faster over water.

genshin impact Now available on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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