Raskin wins top Democratic seat on powerful Oversight Committee

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House Democrats voted on Thursday to make Rep. Jamie Ruskin of Maryland the top Democrat on the incoming Congress’ Strong Oversight Reform Committee.

Ruskin, a six-year veteran of the House of Representatives, was elected by Representative Jerry Connolly in a closed-door secret ballot on Capitol Hill where they all met to finalize the committee’s roster for the 118th Congress. (D-Va.).

A third member of the committee, Rep. Stephen Lynch (D., Massachusetts), is also the current oversight chairman, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D.N. Jerry Nadler, D.N.Y.). Ruskin and Connolly will go head-to-head before Thursday’s caucuses after finishing third in a poll on the Democratic Committee on Operations and Policy.

Mr. Connolly was the older of the two on the Supervisory Board. This is a distinction relevant to parties that have traditionally favored seniority in choosing seats on the top committee.

However, the priority given to committee veterans has been steadily declining in recent years. Ruskin, a former constitutional law professor, also built a solid public profile in a brief stint on the Capitol, leading the House’s second impeachment of former President Trump after last year’s attack on the US Capitol. Later joined a special commission investigating the riot. .

Raskin argued that his legal background made him the best candidate for the position.

With subpoena powers and broad powers to investigate federal matters, the Oversight Board is one of the most powerful committees in Congress. And senior congressional positions will become even more important as Republicans take control of the House next year.

Rep. James Comer (R-K.), who will lead the oversight committee next year, has already promised a number of investigations on various and controversial topics such as the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the source of the coronavirus. doing. Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s international business deals.

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