Ten Biggest Local Food Stories of 2022

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As we approach the New Year, we want to take a look back at some of the local food and restaurant coverage that struck a chord with us. It has hopefully inspired dozens of burgers, bowls of queso, and plates of chicken-fried steak. 2022 brought new discoveries to old places like the corner store in South Dallas and tavern-style pizza in Chicagoland. Our page views also show us that some things never get old. And the new grocery store north of Dallas (for us) certainly caused a lot of commotion.

Our guide to the top 100 restaurants in Dallas is the best. With that said, here are the 10 most read articles in 2022.

10. Best Date Night Restaurants in Dallas

Angie Quevedo
It’s great to see romance flourishing in the city of Ate. Angie Quebedeaux’s roundup of the best places to go on a date ranked number 10, encompassing places like Ellie’s and its grandeur. The intimate setting includes a Steinway piano that serenades diners most nights. And who doesn’t love the intimate Gorji’s, where no children are allowed and the chef greets every diner personally?Her one of the restaurants on the list has closed, but Modest Rogers closed.

9. Best Chicken Fried Steak

Angie Quevedo
Last year, this was the top story. do you think we are ahead? Haha, no way. Dallas knows how to eat his steak delicious chicken fried. CFS was primarily found in homestyle diners such as her Mama’s Daughters’ Diner and Norma’s Cafe, but the dish is now also found in fine dining restaurants. Check out our favorite spots here. Oh, and we’re already working on her 2023 list. Our work here literally never stops.

8. Big Daddy’s Convenience Store Keeps Up with Corner Store Traditions with Cheap Eats

Hank Vaughan

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Fried pork chop basket, French fries, toast, jalapeños, and Big Daddy’s pickles.

Hank Vaughan

It’s good to see that they still cherish their corner location… But Big Daddy’s is more than just a corner store. Chicken, burgers, pork chops, sandwiches, salads and much more can be found here. His basket of fried pork with fries, toast, jalapeños, and pickles was one of his favorite writer Hank Vaughan. If you haven’t experienced Big Daddy yet, we hope 2023 will be your year.

7. Swank’s New Flagship Lounge at DFW Airport Is a Traveler’s Dream, or Yours for $150

Lauren Drews Daniels
I was honestly surprised because it is a difficult store to access. wait. So does this mean we want what we can’t have? If so, enjoy the restaurants, bars and first-class amenities at American Airlines’ flagship lounge. Alternatively, you can purchase one for $150 per person. Anyway, maybe spend it at a Chili bar?

6. Izakaya-Style Pizza: Chicago’s Forgotten Slice and Where to Get It in North Texas

Hank Vaughan
It’s always fun to have a Chicago Lander (or two) on your team. Because they can explain oddities like Maroto and different styles of pizza in the Windy City. And L. or El? Hank Vaughan traveled across North Texas eating cracker crust pizza after cracker crust to rank Dallas’ lesser-known tavern-style pizzas. We hope that Maroth’s work will be submitted at any time.

5. 12 Best Italian Restaurants in Dallas

Angie Quevedo
It’s been a big year for Italian restaurants in Dallas. From Monarch to Carbon, several celebrities have moved into town. Sassetta opened in Jules and La Stella Cucina Verace debuted in his District of Arts. And don’t forget, Olive Garden is still giving away free breadsticks and salads. I’m sad that Carbone’s is closing soon, but I’m excited about everything Julian Barsotti has to offer for version 2.0. Read on for our favorite Italian spots from 2022.

4. Hive Bakery carves out a progressive niche in MAGA-heavy flower mounds

Tyler Hicks
The icing on the Flower Mound Bakery cake has caused a lot of excitement this year. Haley Pop told us, “Fuck whoever you want and make a cake,” but some of her neighbors didn’t appreciate it. Here, Tyler Hicks tells Pop about her “My Body My Choice” cake movement.

3. 6 HEB Items Worth Waiting In Line For

Leslie Chatman

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Brisket Queso has yellow and orange cheese, smoked brisket, and pico de gallo.

Lauren Drews Daniels

HEB opened two new stores in North Texas this year. Lines at Frisco and Plano stores made headlines (people went camping). Leslie Chatman spoke to the creators of the North Texas HEB Fanatics Facebook page about his six items they’ve been waiting for. And with that brisket queso, we get it. Party Tip: Mix with Shiner Bock.

2. Shaq Brings Big News and Big Chicken to Texas

Townsend happens to be
Last spring, NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal announced a multi-unit deal to bring the Big Chicken to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. Despite Shaq living in Dallas and doing many good deeds, there have been no subsequent announcements regarding stores in Dallas. It feels like a tease.

1. Dallas’ Best Burgers of 2022

By Angie Quebedeaux and Lauren Drewes Daniels
It turns out that 2022 was kind of a hamburger year. Our list of the best burgers in Dallas was the most clicked local food story. I hope it works for many. From The Ozersky at Knife to Roy-Al with Cheese at Roy G’s, there are plenty of great burgers in town. Thanks for keeping me hungry, Dallas.

Chicken fried steak reigned in 2021, and hamburgers reigned in 2022. Enchiladas? I’ll get right to it.

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