Tesla Full Self-Driving blamed for Thanksgiving pileup in California tunnel

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According to a police report obtained by CNN Business, a Tesla driver blamed fully self-driving software for causing a pile of eight cars in California’s Yerba Buena Tunnel last month. increase.

According to a December 7 report obtained by CNN businessThe California Highway Patrol (CHP) reviewed footage from the tunnel and found the Tesla made a dangerous lane change before decelerating from 55 mph to 20 mph and crashing into the car behind it.

In the report, Tesla drivers blamed the automaker’s full self-driving software for glitching and causing sudden slowdowns. The Thanksgiving incident left nine people with minor injuries, including one child who was hospitalized.

California Highway Patrol said in a Dec. 7 report that it was unable to confirm whether “fully autonomous driving” was occurring at the time of the crash. A spokesperson for Highway Patrol told CNN Business on Wednesday that he could not determine whether “fully autonomous driving” was active and Tesla had that information.

Earlier this year, an NHTSA report on crashes involving ADAS-equipped vehicles showed Tesla topping the list. Tesla has said the driver is responsible for the safe operation of a vehicle that runs on Autopilot or fully self-driving, but critics say the company overstates the capabilities of the feature.

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