The Best Carry-On Travel Bags, According To Minimal Packers

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After a long flight with a crying baby and a sneezing passenger, all you have to do is get off the plane and exit the airport. I’m behind on this plan, but if you have to queue for checked luggage, take your luggage with you to ground transportation. Ideally, you should bring everything you need in your carry-on. But to make this dream come true, you need a great, compact, versatile bag that can hold your essentials while keeping you organized and streamlined.

Geoff Grisdale, founder of One Bag Travels, says on a blog and video channel dedicated to intentional packing that you should have about 30 liters of carry-on. Grisdale told The HuffPost US Edition, “Most carry-ons are about 45 liters maximum. “For most trips, a 25- to 30-liter backpack works pretty well.”

Grisdale is part of a one-bag travel community that is active on numerous online platforms (including a very active Reddit page and YouTube’s “minimal” lifestyle niche), where fellow light travelers recommend and offer tips to each other. If you want to know the dimensions of a particular airline’s carry-on policy or which waterproof laptop he case is best for, users of the OneBag subreddit will be happy to tell you, Grisdale says.

Grisdale also says you need a carry-on bag with just the right amount of pockets, dividers, and compartments. You may not need one with individual pockets. Still, if your favorite place to shop is a container store, you might drool over bags that have separate sections for each item.

Minimal lifestyle vlogger Christina Mychas, who frequently posts about light travel, says it can be difficult to narrow down what to pack, but light luggage can ultimately reduce the stress of traveling. I add that it reduces the stress when you finally get home and unpacks. .

“When it comes to travel, waiting is so rushed, so packing lightly in your carry-on and backpack will not only help you get around, but it will save you a lot of unnecessary stress, back pain and time.” Mychas told HuffPost. “I always need less than I thought I would, so I’ve started prioritizing what I need and what I wear often when I travel.”

Packing in one bag is ideal for locations with cobbled or dirt roads, high-rise buildings without elevators, or a combination of trains, trams and vehicles. To help you find the best bags, we asked our favorite travel bloggers and lightweight packing enthusiasts about their favorite carry-on travel bags.

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