Why Ralph Lauren Has The Most Valuable Car Collection In The US

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Ralph Lauren is an established businessman and respected gearhead. Thanks to his successful fashion designer career and passion for automobiles, Mr. Lauren has amassed his one of the world’s finest private cars in his collection.

There is no doubt that Ralph Lauren is an avid and passionate car enthusiast. His garage is home to automotive royalty. Bugatti When Porsche To mclaren When FerrariYou name it, he has it.

Aside from owning a fashion empire worth billions of dollars, Lauren takes great pleasure in acquiring and displaying the wildest and most expensive cars money can buy. At the giant-sponsored show, many of his four-wheeled possessions share space with supermodels in the trendiest outfits.

It’s only natural for mere mortals to listen in awe to the eye-popping price Lauren paid for his car. But have you ever wondered how much his entire collection of cars is worth? VINwiki founder Ed Bolian, John Temerian (founder of Curated), John Ficarra of Ficarra Classic, is worth a billion dollars. Evaluating millionaire’s exotic car library.

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Start with Ralph Lauren’s 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

Via: VINwiki

Lauren owns several iconic cars, but the team was only able to find 55 of them. According to Ed Borian, there are no directories for sourcing cars and getting exact numbers. But he believes the fashion billionaire owns far more than what the team manages to unearth.

Only 4 were produced, and only 2 remain today. Both were winners of many auto shows, including Pebble Beach. The first car he found a new owner in 2010, with transaction value reportedly ranging from $38 million to his $40 million, making him the most expensive car to date. . Lauren’s 57SC is in objectively better condition, so the team has put a significant premium on it.

Ralph Lauren Black Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic
Via: VINwiki

As for price, Ed Bolain values ​​Lauren’s 57SC Atlantic at $100 million, and so does John Ficarra. John Temerian, on the other hand, has his $110 million valuation just above this car. But then Ficarra raised the price to his $150 million. Its significance and the fact that his $142 million Mercedes-Benz SLR Uhlenhout, which is today’s most expensive car, won’t go below his coupe.

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The Ferrari 250 LM and GTO are part of Lauren’s Allred collection

Ralph Lauren 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO
Via: VINwiki

Next is one of the most expensive items in Ralph Lauren’s car library. Part of his bright red car collection, this car is probably the most revered classic ever made. The 250 GTO is a famous participant for breaking all previous auction records with a staggering $70 million selling price.

Additionally, Lauren also owns another Tifosi Special, the 250LM. Anyone in the classic Ferrari world knows the importance and rarity of the 250LM. Ed Bolian values ​​Lauren’s 250LM at her $25 million, while John Temerian and John Ficarra value her at $35 million.

Bugatti Atlantic by Ralph Lauren
Via VINwiki

As for Lauren’s Ferrari 250 GTO, Ed and John Ficarra value it at $85 million and $90 million respectively, given its provenance, while Temerian values ​​it at $80 million. That is, if it is put up for sale.

Another red Ferrari in his stable is the F40. Arguably, given its rich heritage and being the last Ferrari signed off by the Legend himself, the F40 would fail as a great investment. A decent example of is priced between $1.5 million and $2 million. However, according to John Temerian, Lauren’s F40 is worth at least his $3.3 million, while Ed and Ficarra put the car’s price at $3.5 million and his $3.4 million respectively.

Ralph Lauren owns 3 McLaren F1s

Ralph Lauren Car Collection

According to the team, Ralph Lauren owns three McLaren F1s (two road cars and one LM). In case you didn’t know, only five of his McLaren F1 LMs are in existence, three of which are rumored to be in the Brunei collection and two in the US. Ralph Lauren’s McLaren F1 LM is valued at his $40 million by Temerian, while Ficarra values ​​him at $35 million. Ed claims the car is worth at least $50 million, with a futures price that puts him at $100 million.

As for road cars, Ed values ​​Lauren’s two McLaren F1s at $22 million each, Ficarra at $18 million and Temerian at $20 million. The appraisal trio moves on to other cars in Lauren’s collection, including a 1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK ‘Count Trossi’, a Jaguar D-Type and an Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Mille Miglia.

Altogether, Ralph Lauren’s entire car collection is estimated to be worth over $600 million, making it one of, if not the most valuable car collections in the United States. Ed Bolian estimates the Ralph Laurens car collection at his $640 million, Ficarra at his $700 million, and Temerian values ​​the collection at his $610 million.

Source: VINwiki

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