Winter weather halts travel by air, rail and road in Wisconsin

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MILWAUKEE — People rush to plan vacation trips, but it’s proving difficult with the bad roads, slick runways, and cancellations that plague the Midwest.

Dozens of flights have been canceled or delayed at Mitchell International Airport Thursday night and Friday morning.

Thursday travelers hope to make flights or catch new ones. Boards are full of canceled or delayed statuses due to winter weather affecting all areas of transit tonight .

Drivers will face less than ideal road conditions until Friday afternoon. Specifically, strong winds rage in blizzard conditions.

That wind moves much of the drifting snow on the ground as it cools, freezing some roads overnight.

Travis Murdoch gets to the airport early and decides to spend the night there so as not to miss his flight due to bad road conditions.

“It became possible to move [my flight] It’s from 9am to 5am, so you don’t have to stay at the airport that long,” Murdoch says. “Oddly enough, I’ve never stayed overnight at an airport, but I’m already happy to be here.”

As well as flights and road trips, Amtrak has canceled the Hiawatha train between Milwaukee and Chicago until Christmas due to the winter storms.

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