46-car pileup on Ohio highway leaves 4 dead

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At least 46 vehicles piled up on Ohio highways, killing four people and injuring many more, officials said. A massive winter storm hit the region with blizzard conditions and dangerously cold temperatures.

Ohio Highway Patrol murmured Multiple collisions occurred Friday afternoon on the Ohio Turnpike in the eastbound lane.patrol Verified The turnpike area was closed in both directions Friday night as crew members worked to clear the vehicles involved in the crash, with four fatalities.

Officials said the incident was affected by the weather and that officials traveled by bus to a local facility to stay warm during the whiteout conditions. The westbound lane in the Turnpike area is Open It was just before 11:30 pm on Friday, but the eastbound lane remained closed.

Ohio Highway Patrol Sergeant Ryan Parpra said, said in the video Posted on Twitter on Friday, officials are urging people not to travel in these types of weather conditions, taking necessary precautions such as keeping a safe distance behind another vehicle if travel is essential. I am asking you to teach

“It’s a stark reminder of what happens when you try to get behind the wheel and drive in bad weather,” he said.

Named Winter Storm Elliott by The Weather Channel, the storm brought blizzard-like conditions and strong winds of over 50 miles per hour to much of the country, depriving more than a million people of power and costing thousands of flights. caused a delay of and cancel. The storm also brought temperatures well below freezing across the United States.

More than 200 million people were under winter storm warnings or advisories, comprising about 60% of the US population as the storm hit the entire country.

Photo of the crash from the State Highway Patrol Indicated A tractor-trailer and a car were wrecked, and several cars were stuck in the air.

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