Ben Affleck is spotted driving two electric cars in 24 hours – a $90K ‘Batmobile’ & $265K Ford Bronco

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Hollywood star Ben Affleck has added a custom $265,000 Ford Bronco and a $90,000 Rivian R1S to his extensive motor collection.

The billionaire was spotted driving two electric SUVs around Los Angeles this week, where his remaining $1.2 million in auto inventory sits.


Ben Affleck at a movie premiere in Los AngelesCredit: Getty
The original Ford Bronco electric car customized by Ben Affleck


The original Ford Bronco electric car customized by Ben AffleckCredit:
Affleck's Bronco replaced gas engine with electric motor


Affleck’s Bronco replaced gas engine with electric motorCredit:

Affleck’s Ford is a product of Ford Motor Company’s licensed brand, Gateway Bronco, which does classic Bronco restorations and mods, autoevolution reports.

Affleck’s Bronco features a design rooted in the first generation of the vehicle line.

These distinctive first-generation design elements include Seafoam Green paint, black soft top and sleek red center hub caps.

Gateway Bronco replaced Ford’s inline 6 or V8 engine with an electric motor.

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This electric motor produces 295 horsepower and accelerates from 0 to 60mph in about 4.7 seconds.

Another new electric vehicle from Affleck, Rivian’s R1S, could serve as an alternative Batmobile for the actor’s on-screen superhero role.

The R1S has two electric motors producing around 600 horsepower.

Depending on the battery pack, Affleck’s R1S can drive a movie star 260-321 miles on a single charge.

For 2021, Rivian’s R1T wins MotorTrend’s Truck of the Year award.

Rivian’s R1T is similar to the R1S, but features an open bed that is more reminiscent of a pickup.

While celebrities like Affleck are promoting Rivian for free, the time is ticking for America’s electric-car manufacturing startup.

Rivian produced vehicles at about $220,000 apiece and sold models for an average of $81,000 apiece during the third quarter, losing about $139,000 per sale, Reuters reports.

Rivian’s cash reserves could sustain the company through 2025, Yahoo reports.

Ben Affleck's Rivian R1S in Los Angeles, California


Ben Affleck’s Rivian R1S in Los Angeles, CaliforniaCredit:
Ben Affleck at the wheel of the new Rivian R1S


Ben Affleck at the wheel of the new Rivian R1SCredit:

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