Body Shops Overwhelmed With Surge Of Wrecked Cars From Winter Storm

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Tow trucks continue to drop cars off at auto repair shops after more than 300 accidents statewide during Thursday’s winter storm.

Brittany Vergara says the Route 66 crash center she manages has exceeded its normal capacity.

“If the tow truck doesn’t get an appointment, we don’t have enough space and we send it to another location. .

The shop can do crash repairs, routine maintenance, painting and restoration, but even minor repairs can take a long time.

In addition to the surge in repairs due to storms, there is also a shortage of parts, Vergara said.

“We had a car here, and the parts were so back-ordered that we’d probably waited almost eight months,” Vergara said.

Part of her day is spent calling manufacturers for updates.

“They don’t even know when we’ll have those parts, so they say they don’t even have an ETA so far,” says Vergara.

Vergara said the car could be repaired in about a month in a best-case scenario before the storm.

Now she expects it to take even longer.

“Stay home. If you don’t have to go out, don’t go out and take your time on the road and be aware of your surroundings,” Vergara said.

Vergara said cars made after 2018 will be most affected, but it also depends on the car manufacturer.

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