Christmas Eve beat with bitter cold, travel nightmares after deadly bomb cyclone wreaked havoc across US

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A massive winter storm that brought blizzard conditions to multiple states and left more than a million customers without power is still wreaking havoc on Christmas Eve this year.

Lake-effect snow will rule Saturday as the storm heads toward Canada. Strong winds within the lake zone continue to cause blizzard conditions in western New York and Michigan as winter storms and blizzard warnings are scattered throughout the region.

Freeze warnings cover the southern part of the country, with freezing temperatures reaching as far south as the Gulf Coast. Places as far south as central Florida are experiencing some of the coldest winter temperatures in years.

Record-Breaking Cold, Life-Threatening Wind Forces 150 Million Americans into Extreme Cold

chasing the cold
(FOX Weather)

Dangerously cold weather will spread across the Great Lakes and Northeast over Christmas weekend, with devastating winter storms freezing the region. Saturday and Sunday will be the coldest days along the southeastern east coast.

Temperatures will begin to warm gradually from Monday, returning to above-normal temperatures for most countries by midweek.

White Christmas Forecast: Blizzard Covers Most Countries with Snow Over Holiday Weekend

The Arctic explosion isn’t the only disaster causing the holiday season. A few feet of accumulated snow jeopardized the Christmas travel plans of once 150 million Americans.

The Christmas week storm also proved deadly, with as many as 14 fatalities reported due to a combination of dangerous driving conditions and frigid temperatures.

At least four people were killed in a massive mountaineer in Ohio on Friday. It occurred east of Interstate 80 between State Routes 53 and 4 in Sandusky County. At least 46 cars were involved.

For parts of the Great Lakes, Saturday’s snow event isn’t over yet.

A 3-hour radar loop showing where it’s snowing or raining.
(FOX Weather)

The intense low pressure system that turned into a bomb cyclone early Friday will continue to create strong winds and lake-effect snow from the Great Lakes to the Northeast, and will abate by Christmas night.

Strong winds and snow continue to create blizzard conditions with visibility of only a few hundred feet.

According to the FOX Forecast Center, snowfall rates can exceed 2 inches an hour. Most of Michigan and western New York can get 2-4 feet or more of snow. It wouldn’t be surprising if some locations near Buffalo and Watertown, NY rose 5-6 feet.

Gusts that reached 75 mph in Ohio and New York will continue with 40-plus gusts across the Midwest and Northeast on Saturday. Gusts continue along and near the Great Lakes in the range of 50 to 70 miles per hour.

These winds bring blizzards over the existing snowpack. Damage and power outages caused by strong winds also occur one after another.

Power outages across the US
(FOX Weather)

More than 1.4 million customers from Texas to Maine lost power this week due to tropical storms and, in some areas, hurricane-like gusts. another ice storm It’s causing power outages in the Pacific Northwest.

When power outages occur, high winds increase the risk. In addition, the risk of cold weather increases when power outages are caused by gusts of wind spreading around winter storm systems.

Winter holidays on the horizon: U.S. sees temperatures rise significantly following frigid Christmas blizzard

The lake-effect snow finally began to settle on Christmas night, with only a few patches left on Monday.

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