Drawing for $510 million jackpot held before Christmas

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The Mega Millions Jackpot on December 23rd has an estimated jackpot of $510 million. Photo: John Smith/VIEWpress via Getty Images

Just before Christmas, you have a chance to win over $500 million in the second biggest Mega Millions Jackpot of the year.

News promotion: The lottery jackpot for Friday’s draw is an estimated $510 million, or about $266.8 million in cash options, Mega Millions said in a statement.

  • If there were one or more winning tickets in Friday’s draw, the jackpot would be estimated to be the 11th largest in the lottery’s 20-year history.

Flashback: In late July, tickets sold in Illinois were the sole winners of the year’s biggest Mega Millions jackpot of $1.34 billion, the second-largest prize in gaming history.

  • The final Mega Millions Jackpot was won on October 14th, with $502 million in prizes shared by winning tickets in California and Florida.
  • The jackpot has kicked off with a massive $20 million prize since the Mega Millions draw on October 18th.

in the meantime, 2022 was the year of the jackpot.

Mega Millions winning numbers

Winning number Friday’s draw is 15, 21, 32, 38, and 62 in Mega Ball 8.

  • It wasn’t immediately clear if anyone won the jackpot on Friday night.
When is the mega millions draw

mega millions painting It takes place Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00 PM (8:00 PM PT) in Atlanta.

Usage: Two machines choose the numbers in the picture. In the first machine he chooses 5 white balls and in his other machine he chooses the golden “Mega Ball”.

Odds of winning Mega Millions

odds The odds of winning the grand prize jackpot are approximately 1 in 303 million per ticket.

  • Other odds vary by prize and range from 1 in 37 for matching Mega Balls to 1 in 12.6 million for matching 5 balls without Mega Balls.

By numbers: As of 2022, there are only 6 Mega Million Jackpot winners.

  • Since 2017, the number of jackpots won in a year ranges from 5 to 7.
Mega Millions Lottery Prices

Mega Millions tickets It costs $2, but players in most states can “add a Megaplier for an extra $1 and double your non-jackpot winnings.”

context: Of the $2 ticket, approximately 35 cents goes toward non-jackpot prizes, approximately 75 cents toward jackpot funds, and the remaining 90 cents goes to the government.

How to play the Mega Millions game

lottery player You can choose 6 numbers from 2 separate pools: 5 different numbers from 1 to 70 (white balls) and 1 number from 1 to 25 (gold mega balls).

  • You can also purchase a ‘Quick Pick’ or ‘Easy Pick’ ticket where the number is automatically selected.
States that sell Mega Millions lottery tickets

Mega Millions tickets Available in 45 states, Washington DC and the U.S. Virgin Islands, with draws every Tuesday and Friday.

  • Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah do not participate in the lottery.
Mega Millions Deadline: Time to Buy Tickets

Ticket purchase deadline Mega Millions tickets are sold in individual lotteries, so Friday draws vary by state.

  • In many states, including New York, Michigan, Virginia, and Ohio, sales close 15 minutes before the draw, while in Indiana on draw day, sales close at 10:44 PM ET.
  • Florida and South Carolina lotteries close ticket sales one hour before the draw, and Idaho closes nightly lottery sales one hour and five minutes before the draw.
Where to buy mega millions tickets online

Mega Millions tickets Available online in 10 states and Washington DC

  • New York also has subscriptions for buying tickets online.
  • Other states with online sales are Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
  • In most cases, you must live in one of these states to purchase an online ticket, but in all cases, you must be physically in that state when purchasing an online ticket. ‘ says the Mega Millions website.
Mega Millions Prizes: Amounts for Matching Numbers

Here are the prize amounts for matching numbers with and without the gold megaball:

  • Mega Ball: $2
  • One Number and Mega Ball: $4
  • Two numbers and a mega ball: $10
  • Three numbers: $10
  • 3 numbers and Mega Ball: $200
  • Four numbers: $500
  • 4 Numbers and Mega Ball: $10,000
  • 5 numbers: $1 million
  • 5 Numbers and Mega Ball: Jackpot

Line spacing: Players who spend an extra $1 on the optional Megaplier will receive higher non-jackpot winnings.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with the winning numbers from Friday’s Mega Millions draw.

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