Holiday Travel still tricky as roads remain icy and weather impacts air travel

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin (WEAU) – Recent winter storms have made travel difficult, including traveling east across Wisconsin where its weather system is wreaking havoc.

Road conditions are improving, but Wisconsin Patrol troopers are asking drivers to be careful on the roads.

“Right now, the number of crashes is starting to go down. The roads are starting to look a lot better than they did in the last 24 hours,” Sergeant said. Robert Unruh.

According to him, as of 3pm. There were 13 reported crashes, 3 injuries and 9 vehicle spills on Friday afternoon.

State Patrol advises everyone to be careful on the road.

“Eau Claire and the northwest are dotted with slippery areas. When the wind blows the snow away, black ice and ice form around the area,” Sergeant said. Unru.

He offers tips if you unfortunately run into a crash.

“While driving, be aware of where you are: the roadway you are in, the mile marker. We can make sure you get the help and resources you need,” said Sgt. Unruh. “It’s always good for drivers to be inattentive when the roads are bad. Give them more time, give them more space. Put down your phone, slow down.”

If you are traveling west to catch a flight in Minneapolis-St. Sergeant Paul International. Unruh said it should be fine.

“Most of the time it’s a proper trip to the twin cities,” said the sergeant. Unru.

MSP spokesperson Jeff Lea said there was some confusion on Friday.

“I think MSP is similar to many airports in the Midwest and East Coast today.”

He gave me advice before going to the airport.

“I think the key message here is to check with the airlines to make sure those flights are still operating today before heading in this direction.”

So far the airport is ready to depart.

“It is up to the airline to operate in these windy conditions. But the airfield is fully operational thanks to our dedicated and hardworking crew.”

Two things to remember, if you’re picking someone up, always stay in touch to help with the passenger pick-up process. Monday, December 26th will also be a busy day for airports as people head home.

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