Mom stuck in car with kids for 24 hours on I-71

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Gallatin County, Kentucky (​WKYT) – Governor Beshear said the National Guard, Kentucky State Police, and local first responders will assist road workers attempting to cross the interstate and keep the interstate open. It said it was checking the health of people stranded on Route 71.

“We’re from Akron, heading to Florida. I got here at noon yesterday,” said Nakita Patterson. I have since been stuck on highway 2850 in Verona.

“I said that to the woman I was dispatched to, and she said, ‘They’re on the interstate.’ I asked her, ‘What about the people who got off the interstate? ‘ And she’s like, ‘Honey, they’re doing the best they can,'” Patterson said.

Patterson has 5-year-old twins and Car has a 16-year-old son. She’s been doing what she can to keep them warm for the last 24 hours.

“Right now I’m in a quarter tank, so I’m just trying to save it, so I warm up the car and turn it off, but I have to crad them out the door, just like using the toilet.” They even use the toilet.

And they are not alone. She was told by other drivers that she had at least 25 cars stranded in the street.

“There was an old lady, in the ditch in front of me, who seemed to be still there. Brought it to me, but to the best of the police’s knowledge, I haven’t seen it in the entire time I’ve been here,” Patterson said.

Mr. Patterson says he only wants one thing for Christmas right now. All I ask is for someone to come and help us. ”

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