People Are Sharing Unpopular Food And Cooking Opinions

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There’s a reason we make chocolate When vanilla. Of course, people have very different tastes when it comes to food. But sometimes you hear unpopular culinary opinions that really shock you. Redditor u/xSurpriseShawtyx asked, “What’s your opinion on controversial food?” This is what people said.


“Hot sauce doesn’t add flavor…it adds heat, which makes the food taste as good as spicy hot sauce. I don’t have hot sauce.”


“Scrambled eggs are best when overcooked. It shows that the eggs are “finished” when they are very undercooked. It feels glossy and mushy. No, give me a charred egg.”


“The Oreo cookie portion is so much better than the filling.”


“The chocolate pieces in the ice cream have no taste and feel like wax in your mouth.”


“I hate food. To be honest, I don’t like eating it every day. If it’s humanly possible, I’d like to switch to photosynthesis.”


“I love eating lemons the way most people eat oranges. People act like it’s crazy, but eating citrus is normal and enjoying sour candy is It’s normal… so why is eating sour citrus fruits so abnormal?”


“Cheese is in just about anything, including seafood. Those who said you shouldn’t mix seafood and cheese tried parmesan-crusted scallops, lobster mac and cheese, or shrimp parmesan for starters.” It’s clear that there’s nothing to do. It’s totally fun.”


“It is a joke that vanilla is a word used to describe something bland or bland. It contains.”


“We put too much pressure on cauliflower to be what it isn’t.”


“I’m sick of pickles. I hate it when restaurants sneak onto plates and my sandwiches and fries are suddenly submerged in salty green sludge. For the love of God, bring the damn pickles.”


“Plain Greek yogurt can literally replace sour cream in any recipe and taste indistinguishable or better.”


“Avocados are overrated. I hate their texture and taste. They’re like grass-flavored Play-Doh.”


“What shall we call it? Meal prep is a better way to say you’ve been eating leftovers all week.”


“McRib really should stop coming back.”


“Crab is better than lobster. Lobster, no matter how expensive, fresh, or well-prepared, always felt like a less tasty crab dish to me.”


“Sandwiches that are jam-packed with meat are usually very poor quality and ruin the overall bread and meat-to-vegetable ratio, which makes the sandwich enjoyable in the first place.”


“Microwaved reheated leftover pizza is even better than freshly baked pizza. Frozen, delivered, homemade pizza… it doesn’t matter. Microwaved pizza is as soggy as I like it.” and becomes a floppy.”


“I always use the boxed cake mix. It’s convenient, it’s always delicious, and I don’t have to measure the dry ingredients accurately. Plus, using the boxed mix saves me time and I can frost it myself.” (Because it tastes so much better than canned junk).”


“It is perfectly legitimate to break up with someone who is picky.”


“It’s true that the shape of the pasta affects the taste of the sauce.”

twenty one.

“The hard part of the lettuce is disgusting. I sit down and disassemble the salad and take out all the hard middle parts. I hate the texture.”

twenty two.

“Girl Scout cookies are overrated. In fact, they used to be much better…especially Trefoil.”

twenty three.

“The ice cream comes in a brioche bun, not in a cone. It’s much better. This combination is popular in Sicily, where I grew up, but my American friend says when I explain this , I think I’m crazy.”

twenty four.

“Thousand Island Dressing is literally a flashy ketchup that you can drizzle on salads.”

twenty five.

“MSG is great. I mix it 50/50 with table salt in my salt shaker and use it for everything that needs salt. Pure umami is a breakthrough ingredient.”


“We fully admit that Kraft singles are processed garbage and not ‘real’ cheese, but few can match this fake of a grilled cheese, deli sandwich, or cheeseburger.”


“I like to eat French fries without any seasoning.”


“Too much cheese in a dish is actually a problem.”

What’s your polarizing opinion of food that others probably wouldn’t agree with? Let us know in the comments.

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