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Speaker 1: Electric cars need different tires. These differences are: What if you don’t know that? In case you haven’t noticed, EVs are different from internal combustion engines, from big batteries to rubber boots.Here are 4 reasons why [00:00:30] An EV can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds, so your tires need to support it while providing good tread wear and not folding in corners. EVs apply torque to the tires. The Hummer EV accelerates as fast as a Ferrari Roma, but the car he drives is more than twice as heavy.Since EVs are now shrouded in our range neuroses, EV tires [00:01:00] It’s an energy-hungry marshmallow, it has to have low rolling resistance, and once you get rid of engine noise, EVs are pretty quiet. It’s funny. You’re really starting to notice tire noise, so it’s better to have very little noise coming from those tires. Speaker 1: These all add up to a triangle of grip or performance, rolling resistance or efficiency, range, tread wear or value. These types attract each other. [00:01:30] Now you can balance them all and say I want to measure them evenly. Or you can now say one of these is more important to me than the other . It’s true that conventional tires are the same, but in the case of EVs, if these three things don’t work out, the risk will be more pronounced than in conventional car tires, so I think the risk is high. Speaker 1: Well, following his three points in this triangle, specifically tires for electric cars, [00:02:00] It’s pretty rare now, but it’s going to be a torrent, and it’s going to be the biggest change in tires since radials became popular in the 70’s. The latest electric car tire at the time of today’s taping is hankook’s ion evo with 25% more lateral or sidewall stiffness and cleverly meshed sipes. Those are tread cuts. Designed to conform to the road, but not so much that it bends. [00:02:30] Shape under all its weight. They say the tread pattern has been tuned in a way that reduces the drone of monotonous patterns and shifts to something more comfortable. There’s a chunky bang of this noise-reducing material. It’s really interesting. Speaker 1: Of course, other tire companies have tires with similar characteristics. Goodyear uses similar technology in its electric drive tires.Michelin EV tires [00:03:00] Called the Pilot Sport, the ev peri has syllable-saving electric car tires. They are simply called elects. Continental and other major manufacturers seem to have noticed that the emphasis is not on tires specifically for electric vehicles, but on tires that work very well with electric vehicles, but not necessarily specifically for electric vehicles. It is not necessarily sold as This brings up an interesting point. If you go to his shop with your EV and say, ‘That’s a great tire, you don’t have to have electric screens on the sidewalls’. [00:03:30] That doesn’t mean they’re being tricked or sold for what they happen to have. Electric cars don’t need electric tires. Not a huge difference, but a noticeable one. However, a high performance conventional tire may have all the attributes described here. Save interesting bands of noise material baked into the casing.Speaker 1: The tire industry is also adopting new load ratings [00:04:00] It’s an interesting scale, starting with LL for light loads, SL for standard loads, and the big ones were previously XL extra loads, but now this new one is called Hhl or heavy loads. It carries the same high loads as the XL tire, but can be loaded with higher pressures and higher air pressures. The interesting thing is that even if a heavy car sits on that tire, the tread will not deform, so it will wear unevenly and the casing will remain rigid. [00:04:30] That heavy car can turn corners and the whole tire doesn’t fold under it. For old purists like me, the Pelli P Zero and high load ratings are a combination.Back in the day, I never imagined the P Zero would always be attached to a light, spelled, high-performance car, but now [00:05:00] It also means heavy. Further down the road, exotic ideas for EVs, like Goodyear’s recharging concept that can revive any part of a tire by inserting a cartridge of liquid material chosen based on climate and travel style. there is. Speaker 1: Well, not tomorrow, but if you have an EV, think about tire rotation and make it a habit tomorrow. [00:05:30] Previous. No one really likes to do that, but it’s more important in EVs because there are so many penalties inflicted on each tire as well as those driven. Even on all-wheel-drive vehicles, some tires are driven more than others, and it’s important to rotate these tires. Because I think EVs will bite tires faster than conventional cars once they start going downhill. Speaker 1: Finally, a pet theory or pet idea I have when EV tires get gentle. [00:06:00] The car’s only major regular maintenance expense, no oil changes, no tune-ups, no spark plugs, no filters, all this nonsense goes away and you basically end up with tires. Will the tire industry see that and say they can raise prices? They have a lot of extra money they’re saving from their old gas engine cars, so including gas that they can spend on tires, well, if the prices all go up, they’ll do it.this happens [00:06:30] In other areas of automobiles, when car financing is very cheap. One effect is that even though you’re buying a car with MSRP through the roof, you can still buy a more expensive car for roughly the same monthly nut, which drives up the price of your car. I’m not saying it’s going to happen in the tire market, but it’s one of the things I’m noticing with a half ironic lie.

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