Tory Lanez found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion at party

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Rapper Tory Lanez has been found guilty of shooting hip-hop star Megan Thee Stallion in the leg after a 2020 party in the Hollywood Hills.

The Canadian rapper, whose real name is Dayster Peterson, faces more than 20 years in prison after a Los Angeles jury found him guilty of assault and weapons charges Friday afternoon.

A jury heard that Megan Thee Stallion was shot after she and Tory got into an altercation in his SUV after leaving a party at Kylie Jenner’s house.

Megan, 27, testified that the debate heated up when they began attacking each other’s music careers.

“It really feels like it rubbed him the wrong way,” the “Sweetest Pie” rapper testified. Associated Press“He kept screaming and cursing.”

Megan, whose real name is Megan Pete, said in a Los Angeles court that after Tory got out of an SUV, he fired a pistol into the soles of her feet and told her to “dance.”

She said Tory offered her $1 million to keep quiet about the incident because she needed surgery to remove shrapnel from her leg and was on probation.

Tory’s attorney claims that the shooting was actually fired by Megan’s ex-best friend Kelsey Harris during a jealous fight between the two women over Peterson, and that he tried to stop the shooting. .

“Megan Pete is a liar. She lied all about this case from the beginning,” attorney George Magdesian said. “She lied here under oath.”

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Harris said Tory was the shooter instead of firing the gun.

Wearing a pink coat and trousers and handcuffed in court, Torrey did not react as the verdict was read out.

But after the jury left the courtroom, the rapper’s father angrily shouted at his agent.

Tory faces over 20 years in prison

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“This evil system will be judged before Almighty God!” he exclaimed, before calling the prosecutors “wicked and evil people.”

Tory, 30, will be sentenced on January 27.

and Statement issued after the judgmentLos Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon praised Megan’s “courage” and said she “displayed incredible courage and vulnerability” despite “repeated grotesque attacks”. I got

“Women, especially black women, are afraid to report crimes such as assault and sexual violence because they are so mistrusted,” Gascon said.

Additional report by Associated Press.

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