Travel misery at Louisville airport following winter storm

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Louisville, Kentucky (WAVE) – Delays and cancellations are affecting flights nationwide, including here in Louisville.

Airport snowplows kept the runway open overnight, allowing UPS to continue its work.

But as Friday approached, passengers started to have more and more headaches. For some, the misery started Thursday.

“We don’t have accommodations,” Cade Hartong said. “I’ve never been to Louisville, so I spent the night at the airport.”

After our flight to Florida was postponed due to bad weather, de-icing, and plane traffic, everything seemed to go wrong.

“I sat on the plane for about three hours,” Hartong said. “Then we disembarked and they said our flight was postponed, not cancelled.”

For others, the flight went smoothly until we landed on Friday.

“Smooth take off and landing,” said Sharon Norris. “And we had to sit on the pavement for an hour and 20 minutes. There was no one to help me.”

The airport said runway snow clearers were keeping the planes taking off and landing. However, the airline said it may be struggling to balance crew warmth and work.

Muhammad Ali International Airport spokesperson Nathalie Shoudin said, “Airlines are taking precautions with teams that have to stay outside in the elements.” giving, taking more frequent breaks, and giving a little more time to unload and load.”

WAVE reached out to Allegiant about the passenger’s experience, but received no response. One passenger told WAVE that her plane had made a strange landing.

“The plane crashed, then backed up, then descended backed up, then climbed up,” Aliya said.

Still, it couldn’t ruin her trip back from Disney World to celebrate her ninth birthday.

“It was fun,” said Aria. “And we got to see the 50th anniversary fireworks, ride the mine train, Small Her World and Peter Her Bread.”

The airport hoped things would smooth out over time, but the number of delays and cancellations has doubled since the morning.

This is likely due to ongoing problems at the large airport where the Louisville flight is about to depart.

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