What drivers need to know about their cars in the bitter cold

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Milwaukee (CBS 58) — Severe cold weather can take a toll on your car.

CBS 58 spoke with more than a dozen mechanics and all said they were busy pre-holiday customer service today. There are some important caveats that drivers should know before hitting the road.

“The biggest thing you can do on snowy roads in winter is take your time,” said Riverside auto mechanic Rein Prinz.

car and cold. This is often a difficult combination.

Dangerously cold temperatures tend to have the biggest impact on batteries, says Riverside Automotive owner Peter Bilgo.

“Extreme cold can cause a lot of problems, like lights coming on whenever the battery is maxed out,” says Bilgo.

“People’s batteries drain more often in cold climates, even if they don’t leave their homes and warm up at least once a day. Cold air contracts and warm air expands,” says Prinz. said Mr.

Another cold-weather concern is the tires.

“We have worn tires and I have brand new tires on my right side. This is a bit of an extreme example. You don’t want to leave it here,” Prinz said.

Proper tire tread is important.

“You can see a lot more tread on this tire,” Prinz said. “This is a brand new tire. The wear bar is right there.”

Finally, check the oil and fluid. Cooler temperatures can thicken fluids in your vehicle, which can affect your vehicle’s performance. And even if your car feels ready to roll.

“The smartest thing to do is stay out in the cold if you don’t need to go out,” says Virgo.

Another important note – it’s a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car with blankets and water and other items you may need in case you get stuck.

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