Holiday Travel Trouble Strikes Bills, Bengals

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Christmas is a brutal time to travel, no matter who you are. This includes his NFL team, as the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals have learned.

Both the Bills and Bengals suffered headaches on their way home from a road game on Christmas Eve.

The Bills were on their way home from Chicago after beating the Bears 35-13. As you can imagine, the Bills wanted to return to western New York, but the weather had other plans.

Bad weather in Buffalo has closed the airport.

So the bill had to call a simple audible tone. Their plan seems to be to fly to Rochester on Christmas morning after spending an extra night in the Windy City.

They then have to drive back to Buffalo. Hopefully the road between Rochester and Buffalo is in better shape than the airport.

At least for Bill, their traveling gremlins struck while their feet were planted in Terraferma.

The Bengals weren’t so lucky. They were on their way home after he beat the New England Patriots 22-18. Shortly after takeoff, however, the team’s plane experienced engine trouble.

They diverted to John F. Kennedy International Airport and luckily the plane landed safely. They are still expected to go home overnight.

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