Nick Sirianni disappointed by several things from the Eagles’ loss to the Cowboys, including turnovers

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Eagles head coach Nick Siriani told reporters Saturday after his team lost 40-34 to the Cowboys, saying turnovers were a big factor in the result.

“When it comes to turnovers, you can’t give such a good team the ball four times and expect them to win the game. Disappointed by some of the things they had to do well and disappointed by some of the third down conversions by Dallas. So it’s a good soccer team, but you can’t help a good soccer team give the ball and beat us.”

The head coach went on to explain that they made many mistakes in this game and were given eight days to fix them all. That’s what he loves about this team.

QB play

‘ thought Gardner. [Minshew] played a good game.

First interception, I thought I was playing really good by 27 [Jayron Kearse], hats off to him, he’s a good player. And the second was like the ball was in both hands and the guy left with it.

So Gardner played a really good match.”

Siriani made no commitments about the quarterback next week against the Saints and reiterated that he wouldn’t put anything on top of Jaren Hurts, who had a chance to play against the Cowboys. said he would play if was ready to play.

Postseason safety

Siriani was asked if there was pressure for the game and the loss due to the playoff berth, but the head coach said he wasn’t thinking about it right now.

He said we need to take a chunk out of this chunk and sit there for a bit and identify everything that went wrong. , they will focus on the Saints.

other celebrities

  • Siriani said losing Abonte Maddox would be tough and they’ll have to see what happens from there. , said he also has great confidence in his backup Josiah Scott.
  • His message to the team after the loss was that they would win, celebrate together, and pick each other up together. It’s not one stage and everything from coaching has impacted the outcome of the game, so teams work together to learn from it and get better.

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