Stockton Police Bring Santa Claus To Town For Christmas

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Police sirens blared through the streets of Stockton as police officers called the children out of their homes.

“Merry Christmas, take the kids to get presents!” the officer announced over a megaphone at 8 a.m.
Stockton Police departed to the community Saturday morning for the 23rd Annual Christmas Toy Project as Santa Claus brought Christmas presents for families and children who were victims of violence. , toys, bicycles, sweaters and food to families and their neighbors.
Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden said officers and Marines had been collecting gifts all week, waiting for Saturday. It was Chief’s first Christmas Toy Project event.
“Many of these families had trauma and still have that trauma,” he said. “But this gives us a chance to bring them joy. Some said that if we hadn’t come, there wouldn’t even be Christmas.”
Some families, including Marianna Herrera, eagerly waited outside their homes for the officers to arrive with presents.
“We were evicted this year and had some family circumstances,” Herrera said. “And this brightens up our year.”
The face of Herrera’s 6-year-old son-in-law, Jerry Lee Polizzi, instantly lit up when he saw officer Jeremiah Skaggs bring in a new bike for him.
“He’s so happy. Watch him go,” said Marcia Herrera, Polizzi’s grandmother-in-law.
With over 1,000 gifts, police visited nearly 20 families affected by the violence. This includes his two families affected by the Stockton serial killer and the family of a student murdered on the Stagg High School campus this year.
“My oldest son and I experienced domestic violence this year,” said Crystal Smith. “It’s been mentally tough for us and we haven’t been able to work because of it.”
Smith said this year has taken a toll on her family as a result of not having a place to stay after escaping violence and being “back and forth” as a result.
Chelonika James, mother of six, cried tears of joy as she watched her children receive their Christmas presents and interact with Santa Claus.

“I’m very grateful that my children didn’t get Christmas presents this year,” she said.
Chief McFadden is also grateful.
“I’m glad I wore a rain jacket today because I cried a lot, but it was tears of joy,” he said.
“Sirens don’t always mean something bad,” he added. “You know, I came in with sirens today, but whatever these families need, I have gifts, hugs, food.”
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