These Are The 10 Most Fun FWD Cars Under $25,000

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Unfortunately, some car enthusiasts see front-wheel drive as their enemy. Some members of the automotive community think FF cars are ill-handling, slow, and lack personality.To be fair, this stereotype isn’t entirely wrong. As you can see, acceleration and handling can be sacrificed when the front wheels relay engine power to the ground and steer the vehicle at the same time.

That said, not all FF cars are bad and some can compete with the best RWD cars. Over the years, automakers have figured out how to build FF sports cars with plenty of power and good driving his dynamics. Luckily most FF cars are cheaper to build than other configurations without sacrificing fun.Here are the 10 best FF cars priced under $25,000. But it’s as fun as any gearhead could dream of.

10/10 Mazdaspeed 3 ($15,000)


The Mazdaspeed 3 is one of the best FWD hot hatch sensations. The only problem is that it is no longer in production as production ended in 2013 after a 6 year run. It had a 2.3-liter turbocharged engine, a 6-speed manual transmission, and well-tuned suspension that provided excellent grip and acceleration.

Mazda3-3 cropped

It was recognized for its reliability, excellent fuel economy and overall performance. The Mazdaspeed 3 is affordable for those looking to add a touch of power and agility to their everyday driving.

9/10 Acura Integra LS ($15,000)

Acura Integra LS
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The Acura Integra LS is the sibling of the Integra Type R, the iconic sports coupe produced from 1997 to 2001. Powering these FF sports cars is his 1.8-liter VTEC engine, giving the car an incredible power-to-weight ratio. .

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Acura Integra LS
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Unlike traditional front-wheel drive cars, the Integra had excellent handling and responsive steering, capable of tight cornering. Many enthusiasts loved them for their no-nonsense approach to performance and affordability, and gear enthusiasts who want his FWD vehicles that are both reliable and affordable shouldn’t sleep on the Integra LS.

8/10 Toyota Celica GT-S ($11,000)

2005 Toyota Celica GTS
Via Toyota

As far as FWD cars can go with responsive handling and agile cornering, the Celica GT-S is one of the best cars in the business. I consider it one of the modern classics.

2000 Toyota Celica GTS 2 Cropped

A reliable in-line four-cylinder engine was the heart of this marvelous car, transmitting power to the front wheels via a five-speed manual transmission. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable sports car, you can’t go wrong with the Toyota Celica GT-S. A good example is around $10,000.

7/10 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt SS ($17,995)

2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS 2 Cropped

The Chevrolet Cobalt SS was a performance-oriented compact front-wheel drive car with sporty looks to match its performance. Its fast, turbocharged 2.0-liter engine produces above-average smiles per mile, and his 5-speed manual transmission maximizes driver engagement and enjoyment.

Yellow Cobalt SS
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The Cobalt SS gives the car an agile feel with its sport-tuned suspension and front wheel settings. The Chevrolet Cobalt SS example varies in price from $18,000, but with all the fun these cars can offer, make sure these deals are great value for money.

6/10 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT ($9,000)

Mitsubishi-Eclipse_GT-2009 Featured Images
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The Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Performance was a popular FF sports coupe produced between 2000 and 2005. At the heart of the powertrain was a 3.0-liter V6 engine paired with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Eclipse GT

A powerful engine, responsive steering, manual transmission and excellent handling are all part of the Mitsubishi Eclipse GT’s fun sports car. Today you can find reliable examples of cheap Eclipse GTs for around $9,000.

5/10 Alfa Romeo GTV 3.2 ($12,900)

Alfa Romeo GTV - Front
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The Alfa GTV is one of those forgettable ’90s sports cars that deserves more love. It had a thoroughbred V6, a front-wheel drive setup, and a screaming exhaust note.

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Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0

These cars were largely unknown outside of Europe, but today Alfa Romeo GTVs can be cheaply imported into the United States. These performance coupes not only look unique and cool, they have an impressive power delivery that ensures a lot of fun in an affordable classic.

4/10 2000 – 2009 Audi TT ($19,500)

2002 Audi TT

The Audi TT is incredibly powerful and offers excellent acceleration and handling. You can find clean examples of Audi TTs priced between $10,000 and $19,000 depending on the car’s condition, location and mileage. Enthusiasts seeking the ultimate Audi TT model should consider his TT-RS with its 2.5-liter turbocharged engine and his 6-speed manual transmission.

Red 2008 Audi TT Coupe
Via Audi TT Forum

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The base 2.0T is also fun, and its front-wheel drive setup doesn’t compromise performance and handling. The sports coupe’s sport-tuned suspension and modern braking system help deliver precise cornering.

3/10 2003 – 2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4 ($14,000)

2004 Dodge Neon SRT
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The Dodge Neon SRT-4 is the high performance version of the Dodge Neon compact car. It had a turbocharged 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine that produced 215 horsepower and 245 lb-ft of torque. These numbers meant he was one of the most powerful FF cars in its class at the time.

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Dodge Neon SRT-4
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The SRT-4 offered several performance improvements over the base model, including sport-tuned suspension, a limited-slip differential and larger brakes.

2/10 2006 Chevrolet Impala SS

2006 Chevrolet Impala SS

There’s a reason the 2006 V-8 Chevrolet Impala SS was America’s best-selling car that year. The SS badge alone shows that this car offers a lot of fun. Powering all the performance was a 5.3-liter V-8 producing 303 hp and 323 lb-ft of torque.

4. 2004 - 2005 Chevrolet Impala SS

SS also means some performance gains, like sport-tuned suspension, bigger brakes and a limited-slip differential. Top speed from the factory is limited to 130 mph, but could reach 150 mph in no time.

1/10 2019 – 2021 Honda Civic Si ($23,000)

2019 Honda Civic Si
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Another car that proves you don’t need a rear-wheel drive car to have fun is the Honda Civic Si. This car has a manual transmission, his 200 hp motor which is very reliable and a clean interior.

Honda Civic Si

If you’re a Civic fan, these are great cars to own, priced at just under $25,000.

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