Accused killer identified by newspaper reader, Lauderhill police say

Joaquin Delgado seems to stagger beneath the weight of his backpack before he collapses in a parking lot near the Mall, security video showed.

What can’t be seen is the 39-year-old man’s life was ebbing away, after being stabbed the afternoon of June 25 “without provocation” outside a nearby convenience store that he had just ridden his bicycle to, Lt. Michael Santiago said.

At the store, at 4248 NW 12th St., Delgado encountered Jay Blondjy, also known as Citerme Blondjy, 26, who wielded the knife and plunged it into Delgado’s chest, police say.

What investigators don’t yet know is why.

“The victim asks for weed and the suspect immediately stabbed him without provocation,” Lauderhill Police Lt. Michael Santiago said Friday. “Various witnesses suggested the suspect had a conflict over money with someone earlier in the day, and may have misidentified the victim. [The stabbing] was just too sudden.”

The motive for the killing is still being investigated, but Santiago said, “there is no doubt about it, the suspect is the one who stabbed him.”

Detectives got a break in the case after and identified Blondjy to police.

“The Sun Sentinel did an incredible job,” Lt. Michael Santiago said Friday. “I put out a media release with an attempt to locate this guy, you guys ran with the story and a witness came forward, identifying the suspect based on your story.

“That goes a long way, the open communication that exists to where we can solve some cases with your help and the help of the community,” Santiago said.

On Wednesday, the Broward Sheriff’s Office arrested Blondjy.

Blondjy is facing a charge of premeditated murder. During a court hearing Thursday, Broward Judge John D. Fry ordered him held in jail without bond.

Lauderhill police have not been able to locate Delgado’s relatives. The agency asks anyone with information about him to call and ask for Detective Kaela Allison.

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