Man accused of raping girl sought out single moms with young children, cops say

A teenager’s diary in Kentucky led to the arrest of a Palm Beach County man who is accused of repeatedly raping a young girl starting when she was 7 until she was eleven and no longer living with him.

And police in say investigators think Jackson Pridemore may have raped other children as well.

In May, the mother of the now-13-year-old girl came across an entry in her daughter’s diary addressed to Pridemore stating “you raped me for about three years,” according to an arrest report.

Pridemore had lived with the child and the woman in Boynton Beach and would “forcibly have sex” with the child when her mother was at work, police said. The girl and her mother have lived in Kentucy for the past year, according to investigators.

In the past, Pridemore, 49, had been accused of raping other children in Boynton Beach, police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said Friday.

Pridemore had a pattern of moving in with single mothers of youn girls and then sexually battering the children when left alone with them, she said.

“When Pridemore was taken into custody at his home west of Boynton Beach yesterday, he was found to be living with another single mother,” Slater said.

Pridemore is charged with sexual assault on a child under the age of 12.

Slater said detectives think Pridemore may have sexually assaulted other children and are urging anyone with information about such cases to the police department at.

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