Millennials get bad rap in boss survey

Human resource departments are having to cope with fluctuating employee bases, with recent graduates increasingly prone to job-hopping, says a recent JobThai survey.

Sangduan Tangthimsatid, chief operating officer and co-founder of JobThai, said many companies have found that their younger employees are having problems getting on with older ones, who are not used to the former’s fast-paced lifestyles.

JobThai has 1.2 million active resumes and more than 86,000 job openings for positions in well-known companies. The survey found that among respondents working in human resources, 16.4% found job-hopping to be an issue. The survey further revealed that 15% of millennials are unreceptive to criticism and pressure, find difficulty in adapting to the working world (11.6%), possess damaging levels of self-confidence (8.7%) and are unable to follow company rules and regulations (8.3%).

Younger workers have also exhibited attitude problems that create disputes within the workplace. But these young employees are willing to implement changes in their behaviour at work to combat problems at the office.

Another survey was conducted to determine what these employees themselves view as problems in the working world. Some 14.3% said they have unclear career goals, 13.3% said they have low tolerance for pressure and are unreceptive to criticism, 12.6% said they possess damaging levels of self-confidence and 10.6% had found it difficult to adapt to the working world.

Results from this survey also found that 10% of young employees are open to developing new skills and learning more about their jobs.

Ms Sangduan said obtaining information from both employers and employees would allow both sides to better improve on current employee quality.

“Millennial employees should learn how to be patient, open-minded and adaptable,” she said.

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